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Size Attribute
Size Attribute
This defines the size of the item, Google accepts up to 30 sizes per item in the Joomla Google Base Component.

This means you can have 1 product but in 30 sizes, such as 

Floral Dress
- 10
- 12
- 14
- 16


- 21"
- 27"


Box of biscuits
- Small
- Medium
- Large

Before this you would have had to put in multiple products and google would have failed all but 1 of them as duplicate items. Now you only have to input 1 item with the 3 sizes. This also works with the colour attributes, meaning 1 item can have multiple sizes and multiple colours, allowing you to merge many items into one with multiple attributes.

There is more information on Googles Help Pages

The size attribute looks like this

<g:size>medium</g:size> <g:size>large</g:size>
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